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In April-December, DLF sales rose 45% to Rs.6,599 Crores; It is set to meet the target of rs. 8,000 crore for FY23

In April-December, DLF sales rose 45% to Rs.6,599 Crores; It is set to meet the target of rs. 8,000 crore for FY23

In April-December, DLF sales booking rise 45% to Rs.6599 crore; It is set to meet the target of Rs 8,000 crore for FY23

The famous DLF Ltd. has achieved a 45% growth in sales booking to rs. 6, 599 crores in April-December.  A senior company official said it is expected to achieve its annual sales target of rs. 8,000 crore. 

DLF.Ltd is the country’s biggest realty firm in terms of market capitalization and sales booking. DLF Group Executive Director and Chief Business Officer Aakash Ohri told PTI, The company has successfully achieved robust growth in sales booking in the first nine months of this fiscal year. All the sales have come to us due to the demand for good quality products. He also mentioned that DLF Ltd. has launched apartments and independent floors at different price points which helped them in achieving sales.

Recently, DLF has launched major residential projects in Gurugram, Delhi, Panchkula, and Chennai.

According to Ohri, the company has given a target of Rs 8,000 for 2022-23 and the target is expected to be met comfortably. He further added, the company is on the right track to meet the sales booking targets. The demand for real estate is very strong and people are interested in investing in it while securing their money. So, this is the reason customers are investing in projects of trusted real estate developers like DLF.

The company has achieved one of the highest quarterly net sales bookings of rs 2,507 crore, reflecting a year-on-year growth of 24%.  It is because DLF offers customer-oriented products. The main focus is to remain on strong cash generation and margin accretion by offering quality products at established locations.

On the residential market, the company said that the calendar year of 2022 registered significant growth in housing demand driven by consumer desire towards home ownership, larger homes across established locations, and better affordability.



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