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SPR’s infrastructure boosts Gurugram’s Sector 70-77

SPR’s infrastructure boosts Gurugram’s Sector 70-77

Gurugram is one of the millennial cities that comes with rapid development, with a transformation that will redefine the real estate landscape of sectors 75-77. This infrastructure development is on an impressive scale, where connectivity and accessibility are paramount. The city is also going to unlock the potential of these sectors through strategic infrastructure projects. One such project that is making waves is the Vatika Chowk underpass. This is scheduled for inauguration on November 3 which is also a milestone eagerly awaited by thousands of commuters. 

The inauguration ceremony is going to be graced by Haryana’s Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. It also signifies not just an infrastructure project but also going to enhance the city’s transportation network. In fact, the underpass comes with a price tag of rs 109 crore. It is also at the heart of this transformation is the promise of improved infrastructure. The commuters bound for Faridabad and NH-8 can look forward to smoother, congestion-free journeys while liberating them from the daily traffic gridlocks that would define the routines. 

The impact is also going to extend beyond daily commuting. In fact, the Vatika Chowk underpass is all set to be a game-charger for the newly developed sectors along the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) with a particular focus on sectors 70 to 76. The residents and businesses in these areas are on the brink of a new era which will be seamlessly inter-sector connectivity which is going to open a world of opportunities for growth and development. 

The Vatika Chowk Underpass will improve connectivity and accessibility in Gurugram while reducing traffic congestion and travel time. This will also offer smooth connectivity for commuters heading towards Dwarka Expressway, IGI, Sohna, Faridabad, and NH-8. it would be a part of the redevelopment of the Southern Peripheral Road as a signal-free mobility corridor. The underpass is going to open up new corridors for development, offering fresh new prospects for real estate, making it a game-changer for the city.  

In fact, the infrastructure project will unfold to its positive repercussions which will become increasingly evident. This would also improve connectivity into the higher property value in the surrounding areas. The inauguration of the underpass is a catalyst in the home price. Pradeep Aggarwal, founder and chairman, Signature Global (India).

In fact, the demand for homes in this area is all set to surge where the prospective buyers or investors are. This is also a well-connected community, where Vatika Chowk surrounds the sectors. The underpass is becoming the preferred choice for those seeing a harmonious blend of convenience and quality of life. 

Vineet Dawar, Senior VP of Sales and Strategy, Elan Group commented that the inauguration of the Vatika Chowk going for an underpass marks a monumental leap forward in connectivity for sectors along with SPR, in sector 70 and its neighboring areas, it is also a significant step in addressing traffic congestion and improving connectivity, the Vatika chowk underpass will bring happiness to the thousands of commuters and residents in the nearby areas. 

Industry comes with the real estate giant DLF is all set to launch a luxury high-rise project in the prime location. The key infrastructure developments have already entered prominent players into the scene, sectors 76 and 77. It is also poised to become the most sought-after micro-market of Gurugram. It is also the most ever-evolving landscape of Gurugram, infrastructure development is the driving force propelling sectors 75-77 into a bright new future, where connectivity and real estate opportunities flourish hand in hand.


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