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9 ways to give your home a makeover this festive season

9 ways to give your home a makeover this festive season

Giving your home a makeover is just the perfect way to begin the festive season and make it truly special. let us tell you how to get started.

It is that time of the year again. With the festive season round the corner, it is the ideal time to give your home the much needed and long pending makeover.

Along with the regular cleaning and decorating, many households plan an annual facelift for their home around this time. While some plan elaborate changes such as a whitewash or new flooring, others engage in little cosmetic changes and theme decorations. Remember that you do not necessarily need a large amount of money to plan a makeover. There are small, cost-effective ways in which you can go about this exercise. Small steps can make a huge difference to the home décor, say interior designing experts.

Here are nine such ways, which could give your home a completely new look without burning a hole in your pocket:

  • Remove the clutter: Begin the makeover by getting rid of the clutter, says Bangalore-based interior designer Vinita Chaitanya. Remove extra furniture or other unwanted things that are no longer in use, she suggests. This would also help to make open space available.
  • Redefine the living space: Try changing the setting of the living room. Rearrange the furniture, move the sofa to a different location or change the way your pictures hang on the wall. This could surprisingly lend a new perspective to the living space.
  • Create an illusion: Move the curtain rod from the window pane to the ceiling. Hanging the curtains from the ceiling creates an illusion of a bigger space.
  • Paint a wall: Colour a single wall of the living room in a bright colour using a wallpaper or texture paint. Not only does this save time and money, it adds a theme décor to the room. For a wallpaper, choose metallic colours like gold, copper and silver, says Chaitanya.
  • Change the furnishing: Drapes and furnishings such as curtains, sofa covers and table covers can have a lot of impact on the overall ambience. Choose warm, earthen shades or those with interesting prints and motifs.
  • Colourful cushions: According to Pune-based interior designer Roheena Nagpal, bright-coloured cushions with zari work add glitter to the room. While choosing cushions, go for colours like red, magenta, fuchsia, peacock green, beige or gold, says Nagpal. Cushions, embellished with beads and sequins, can be the bright spot in the living space.
  • Light up: From lights, candles, diyas, lamps and paper lanterns, the market has a huge variety on offer for the festival of lights. You could also get creative and paint diyas at home in bright shades of red and pink.
  • Go green: Adding plants and flowers in the living area can give it a completely fresh look. Choose plants suited for the indoors such as fishtail fern, lavender and azalea and grow them in little, bright-coloured pots. Chaitanya recommends use of traditional flowers like mogra and gulmohar for dressing up the table.
  • Redo the décor: As festivals are deeply related to tradition, using ethnic items and motifs makes sense. Traditional handicrafts, batik art and wall hangings can add a touch of ethnicity. Place traditional brass and copper thalis on the dining table to extend the traditional theme, says Chaitanya.

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