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Inauguration of Dwarka Expressway by PM Modi poised to uplift Gurugram’s property market

Inauguration of Dwarka Expressway by PM Modi poised to uplift Gurugram’s property market

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally inaugurated the Haryana section of the Dwarka Expressway. With this Dwarka Expressway cluster is expected to see more holistic development of real estate on the back of the operational expressway. 

The inauguration of Dwarka Expressway by PM Modi will act as a harbinger of real estate development and economic growth in the region. In fact, enhancing the connectivity quotient of adjoining areas, including Gurgaon, Sohna, Faridabad and New Delhi. The expressway is also going to stimulate investment opportunities in nearby business parks, logistic hubs, and new townships, creating a dynamic ecosystem for businesses, residents, and investors alike, said Rajat Likhyani, Associate Principal Partner, Square Yards. 

Now, many sectors across the expressway have already emerged as prime locations for real estate commanding prices ranging from rs 12000-15000 per sq ft. with the expressway now operational process anticipated to zoom up by 10-15% in the coming months. 

Gurugram and Sohna will also have a ripple effect of this development, fueling a transformative shift in business and real estate activities. People have also witnessed realtors announcing a slew of under-luxury projects in the near future, catering to the surge in demand from premium investors and homebuyers, added Likhyani. 

G Hari, National President of Naredco said that this landmark infrastructure project, with its unique features such as the country’s first elevated urban expressway and the innovative single-pillar flyover, will undoubtedly boost connectivity, enhancing the real estate landscape in the region. The improved accessibility to key sectors and connectivity to the upcoming India International Convention Center in Dwarka Sector 25 will likely drive significant development and investment opportunities, the company is looking forward to witnessing the positive impact of this expressway on the real estate market and its contribution to the overall growth of the Delhi-Gurugram corridor.

The Dwarka Expressway-New Gurgaon residential cluster is experiencing great buyer traction as a result of infrastructure enhancement and quantity supply. The reputed developers have also launched residential projects and emerged as the hub of Gurugram’s residential growth. The Government’s construction of the Dwarka Expressway is evidence of the region’s potential for expansion. It has facilitated the development of residential clusters along the expressway and enabled smooth communion between Delhi and Gurugram. 

The Dwarka Expressway-New Gurgaon cluster has become the new hotspot for premium launches in Delhi NCR. In 2023, a total of 11,270 housing units were launched in this submarket, which was 69% of the overall launches in Gurugram. It launches in 2022, notably high-end projects are also getting launched in this submarket, with 38% of the new launches in the submarket. The project launch garnered good traction in terms of demand and a few of them were fully sold a few days after the launch, said DR Samantak Dash, Chief Economist and Head of Research & REIS, India, JLL. 

Pankaj Pal, Managing Director, Whiteland Corporation said, the inauguration of the Gurgaon Segment of the Dwarka Expressway by our PM Narendra Modi heralds a new era for the real estate market in the region. The completion of this groundbreaking infrastructure project not only signifies enhanced connectivity but also catalyzes the exponential growth of the realty sector in Gurgaon. The Dwarka Expressway is a strategic linkage from Shiv Murti near IGI Airport to Kherki Daula toll and is all set to redefine the accessibility and convenience of residents, making Gurgaon a prime destination for property investment. This elevated eight-lane expressway, a marvel of modern engineering, not only offers a seamless commute to New Delhi but also acts as a key driver for property price appreciation in Gurgaon. The commitment of rs 9,000 crore towards this infrastructure project underscores the government’s dedication to fostering economic development and creating a conducive environment for real estate growth. 

Dwarka Expressway is one of the most significant infrastructure developments which not only improves connectivity between Delhi and Gurugram but also opens up new opportunities for real estate development. 

The economy in the region is expected to receive a significant boost due to the infrastructure development brought by the expressway. Development along the route is positioned for significant growth and value appreciation, due to improved accessibility and connectivity. The enhanced infrastructure and connectivity have been attracting investors and potential homebuyers, driving demand for both residential and commercial development. This has increased the demand not only reshaping the real estate landscape but also fostering economic development in the region, creating a stunning environment for investment, said S K Narwar, Group Chairman, Trident Realty. 

We envision the transformative power of projects like the Dwarka Expressway, which symbolizes a paradigm shift in connectivity and infrastructure. It comes with an investment of rs 9,000 crore. The development not only links Gurugram and Delhi seamlessly but also catalyzes growth in the real estate sector. In fact, the past hurdles in urban mobility are being overcome, present opportunities are being sized, and the future holds promise for exponential growth. 

Nayan Raheja of Raheja Developers said, the inauguration of NCR’s most awaited connectivity development, Dwarka Expressway. It has also been a prominent move for us as it has elevated the real estate of the sectors along the stretch. The development has not only eased commute with the national capital but has also increased investment across projects from both residential and commercial segments. The tremendous price appreciation of properties ever since the construction of the stretch began, the expressway has brought a boost to the region’s economy as well as its allure, with numerous amenities being developed along the route. 

Mohit Goel, MD, Omaxe Group said that the opening of the Dwarka Expressway has always marked a significant turning point in the real estate development and future possibilities of the region. The expressway beginning from Dwarka, Delhi has not only elevated the scope of commercial real estate development in the city but also eased its access from Gurugram and other adjoining areas. Thus has also been enhanced access to Yashobhoomi, Asia’s biggest convention center, elevating the region’s economy. This stretch has become a prominent choice for those who are looking to invest in both commercial or residential real estate in NCR and has been promising remarkable returns on investment. It also eased the commute to the Indira Gandhi International Airport and various other significant spots and hubs along the development. 

The inauguration of the 19-km stretch of Dwarka Expressway marks a milestone in the region’s development journey. This will also reduce travel time between the different corners of the two cities, enhancing the commute for travelers. This is also a much-awaited infrastructural development that will be a catalyst for the rapid economic growth of the region. 

With the emergence of dynamic commercial hubs, premium complexes, and integrated recreational facilities, the region has also experienced a profound revival. It has also led to a surge in demand for property along its route reflected through the new launches and the healthy price appreciation. Developers recognize the immense potential of this corridor as it holds a new era of propensity, attracting both domestic and international inventors’ interest and further promising robust economic growth. The key development is likely to open up new avenues of business and commercial activity in and around the region and will certainly bring a positive impact on the real estate market, said Ashish Sharma, AVP Operations, Brahma Group. 

Abhishek Trehan, Executive Director, said that the key infrastructural development in the Gurugram region is unlikely to unlock new business and commercial opportunities in the surrounding areas. Moreover, investors and developers recognize the immense potential offered by this corridor, which is likely to be the gateway to a new era of economic growth and prosperity. This will make the region a magnet for those seeking a modern, luxurious, integrated lifestyle. The opening of the expressway has not only improved the connectivity of the city but also had a significant impact on the real estate market of Gurugram. This development has triggered a surge in healthy demand for properties leading to a surge in leasing across the office and retail space situated along the expressway, resulting in a healthy price appreciation and a great return on investment. 

The Delhi-Gurugram has also seen tremendous growth after the completion of the Jaipur Expressway and has become a major hub of economic and infrastructural development. Similarly, the completion of the Dwarka Expressway is poised to be a transformative event, particularly in the national capital region (NCR) with Gurugram set to experience significant benefits. 

The new expressway promises to alleviate congestion on the Delhi-Gurugram stretch, offering another corridor of growth to Delhi and Gurugram. From a real estate perspective, the compilation of the Dwarka Expressway will benefit the numerous homebuyers who have invested in properties in the region. This milestone will unlock numerous land parcels for development, presenting fresh opportunities for both residential and commercial projects. Given the already robust demand for properties in Gurugram, the expressway’s compilation is expected to further stimulate the market, driving up demand and potentially boosting the demand for commercial real estate, said Aman Sarin, Director, and Chief Executive Officer, Anant Raj Limited. 

Sachin Gawri, Founder and CEO, of Rise Infrastructure, said that the opening of the Dwarka Expressway by our prime minister is one of the most-awaited developments for Gurugram’s real estate as the expansion has significantly boosted the area’s appeal among investors. Gurugram has witnessed a surge in the number of developers and investors due to the easy access it has also provided to potential buyers in the area, inviting investors to various sectors of Gurugram along the way. The section is worth investing in since it improved access to significant locations, including IGI Airport while promising a remarkable return on investment. 

The Dwarka Expressway has the potential to drastically transform the real estate sector by reducing the travel time between Delhi and Gurugram. Consequently, with the rising demand for both residential and commercial buildings, the development is leading to an increase in property prices at a faster pace. The Dwarka Expressway hosts all the factors of being one of the most active real estate centers in the national capital region, especially in light of the Haryana government’s grand intention to stimulate residential and commercial real estate development along this route, said Rajjath Goel, Managing Director, MRG Group. 

Major infrastructure projects act as a catalyst for the economy. It is also a reason the government prioritizes such development. Real estate as a sector immensely benefits from improved connectivity. The Gurugram stretch of the Dwarka Expressway is expected to generate a similar positive impact. 

Mohit Jain, Managing Director, Krisumi Corporation said that we anticipate continued robust demand for various types of properties in Gurugram, particularly near the expressway for the next few years.. The growth will likely encompass both residential and commercial sectors. The luxury housing market is also expected to perform well. With a significant decline in unsold properties. We can expect a surge in new launches, including both residential and commercial projects. In fact, we also see a huge possibility of Dwarka Expressway emerging as a major hub for both residential and commercial development not just in Gurugram, but in the entire NCR region. 

The inauguration symbolizes a commitment to modernization, positioning India as a nation with a vision for sustainable development. As citizens experience reduced commute times and improved connectivity, the Dwarka Expressway becomes a symbol of empowerment, enhancing the quality of life for millions. Economically, the expressway catalyzes job creation and business expansion, stimulating local economies. The real estate sector witnesses a boom as the corridor unlocks new opportunities for residential development as demands grow in sectors like 37C. The expressway doesn’t just connect two points, it knots together aspirations, creating a tapestry of progress that extends beyond geographical boundaries, said Ravi Saund, Founding Director, Emporium Pvt. Ltd.

The inauguration of Dwarka Expressway by PM Modi marks a significant milestone in regional infrastructure development, demonstrating the government’s unwavering commitment to improving infrastructure and fostering economic prosperity in India. The seamless connectivity offered by the expressway acts as a catalyst for urban development, paving the way for the emergence of new residential, commercial, and industrial zones, providing a strategic corridor for business to thrive and increase the movement of investors, said Yashank Wason, Managing Director of Royal Green Realty. 


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